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Urns for bikers by bikers

A unique urn for a unique person

Apart from the pain of the loss from a beloved one, husband, wife, friend or relative, we often struggle to find the right way to remember them. We also want to decide ourselves how to be remembered. This can be achieved through a personalized funeral, or an urn that emphasizes the lifestyle and passion of the deceased one.

The sudden dead of a friend was for us the start of a long search to honor him the wright way, but we couldn’t find anything in wish we could recognise him So, we came up with the idea to fabricate an urn in the shape of a motorcycle tank from which triggered so much nice reactions that we decided to make it available for the public, and named it Schipper’s Urnen.

Not an obvious name for everyone, but in Belgium and over the nearby borders, “de schipper” is a well-known figure in the bikersworld.

personalize your urn

Our urns are handmade*. Apart from the standard black mat, we can paint them in almost any color, multicolour, airbrush and pinstripe motives. Even leather details are possible.

So, if you are searching for the wright way to remember your “petrol-head”, get inspired trough the pictures on our site. Give us your ideas and we design your own unique urn.

*Every urn is handmade and finished by professional craftsman. Each urn is one of a kind.